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This Max for Live plugin simplifies the process of controlling playback in Ableton Live during a performance. Allowing the DJ, band, or playback operator to trigger the songs with ease.

Setlist allows you to program your show in arrangement or session view, either way your show will be simplified into two lists of songs. Every song in the Live session will be shown in the FULL LIST in alphabetical order where you can select them and add them to the SET LIST. In the SET LIST you can arrange the songs in any order you want. This allows you to build a single Live session for hundreds of songs, without making it difficult rearranging your setlist show after show. 

Setlist’s simple controls will help you focus on what is ultimately important, to have fun on stage and to deliver perfect shows every night. 


In addition to just playing tracks in Live, setlist can help you:

  • Automatically active and deactivate the loop for a specific length.

  • Automatically play through an entire setlist.

  • Automatically stop playback.

  • Know how much time it will take to play the setlist.

  • Easily view the key and length of the songs.

  • Do a keyword search on your full list of songs.

  • Create text files of your setlist to print.

  • Control or view it from an iPad using the Mira app (wired or wireless connection).

  • Control it with a small midi controller.

  • Pause playback instead of just stopping.

  • Navigate quickly to a song's position in arrangement (useful for editing).


Version 3.7


New “Loop” button

  • Deactivate the loop by clicking it with the mouse on the main interface
  • Deactivate the loop by MIDI mapping it on the device chain interface

Improved Action Locator handling while looping

  • Action Locators are not triggered while the play head is inside an active loop
  • Any Action Locator can be placed inside or on the boundaries of a loop will not be triggered

Mappable rehearsal mode button

  • Rehearsal mode button is added to the device chain interface and made MIDI mappable


Version 3.6


New “Action Locator” features

  • Added the LOOP Locator, for looping section of the arrangement timeline

  • Added the PLAYNEXT Locator, for automatically playing the cued song in the SET LIST

New Micro Mode

  • Added a third view option, Micro, to make an even smaller setlist window

MIDI Mapping refresh

  • Added a refresh button on the device chain interface that’s MIDI mappable

  • Removed MIDI mapping from the refresh button on the main interface 

Export TXT File has two format modes

  • TXT format: Full, has the setlist’s song names, keys and lengths as well as the full setlist length

  • TXT format: Title, has only the song names and setlist length

  • No longer shows “Nan” or “bpm” in the file 

Reintroduced the OSC Sync

  • It's back!

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