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Lyrics Demo

Lyrics Demo



Introducing Lyrics from Strange Electronic, A real-time teleprompter generator for Ableton Live 11. With Lyrics you won’t need to render a teleprompter video from a video editing software. Lyrics handles all your teleprompter requirements directly within Live, saving you time and effort. With this demo you can experience the full functionality of Lyrics for up to 16 lines of lyrics. You can use the lyrics importer and experience programming a Live session to incorporate teleprompter, and customize the teleprompter look and feel with all the same features that are in the full version.


The Lyrics plugin creates a Lyrics window where the generated teleprompter video is displayed. This window can be resized and change shape, and the lyrics in the window will automatically rescale to fit. By dragging this window onto a second monitor and making it fullscreen, you’ve turned that monitor into a teleprompter. 


Edit the timing of your teleprompter text scroll on Lives arrangement timeline with clips. The lyrics are written in the clip names, and their position on the timeline determines when they activate. When a lyric clip is activated, its text moves into a prominent position with variable speed and can change color to stand out.


Lyrics can assist you with programming the teleprompter. Using the Lyrics Importer, you can generate clips on the timeline that contain lyrics from a text file. Create every lyric clip for a whole song at once and then drag the clips into place manually. With an LRC file, the importer will generate the clips at the correct times relative to the vocal (see manual on how to create lrc files). 


The look and feel of Lyrics' teleprompter is highly customizable with settings to control speed, color, size, and positioning of the text. The background can be a solid color or can be an image with an adjustable opacity. The window shape and size is flexible and the text can dynamically resize to fit your screen best.  


Lyrics can also be used as a way to give cues to a band, inform the artist about upcoming song or even city names. 



  • File Format

    .amxd (Max For Live Device)

  • DAW Compatibility

    Requires Ableton Live 11 or newer

  • File Size


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