2U Strange Rack + Carry-On Pelican Air Case

2U Strange Rack + Carry-On Pelican Air Case

The custom designed perforated metal rack and case is built to be strong without being heavy.  It comes with with velcro compatible fabric board so you can secure anything onto the case on a bass heavy stage.  The board is easily removable so you can access the inside without having to remove the back panel.  The carefully selected Pelican Air is lighter then the standard Pelican and offers better latches that survive any baggage handler at LAX.  The inside is custom foamed specifically for the rack yielding a system that you know will survive a world tour.  

  • Specs


    Width: 19 3/8"

    Height: 5 1/4"

    Depth: 10" (approx. 9" between mounting ears)

    Weight: 6.2 lbs


    PELICAN AIR 1535

    Length: 22"

    Width: 14"

    Depth: 9"