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2x In/Thru/Out 1U Panel for Apollo Solo Interfaces

2x In/Thru/Out 1U Panel for Apollo Solo Interfaces

Introducing our handmade 2x In/Thru/Out panel for Apollo Solo and comparable interfaces, designed with professional playback in mind. Each panel is laser engraved and constructed with lightweight, low profile Canare cables for minimal footprint. Custom built with 1/4 TRS to XLR connectivity, this panel features two Ins, two Outs, and two Thrus. The two Thru outputs are split directly from their respective inputs,  allowing for convenient dry and wet signal management. For added convenience, the optional powerCON TRUE1 add-on allows for easy power management inside a rack. Upgrade your playback setup with our reliable and high-quality 2x In/Thru/Out panel.

  • Add-Ons:

    • Add a powerCON TRUE1 jack that converts to a 3 prong US power plug inside the rack. Also comes with 6ft TRUE1 cable with 3 prong US power.
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