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12 output + 2ch Autotune Carry On Playback System

12 output + 2ch Autotune Carry On Playback System

Introducing the PlayAudio1U + Apollo Solo Rack, a professional-grade system developed by Strange Electronic for playback engineers who demand the ultimate in power, flexibility, and mobility. This system is designed to provide you with all the necessary features to redundantly playback your backingtracks and MIDI programming, as well as process vocals or instruments with effects that run on the Apollo solo.


This compact system fits in a carry-on sized Pelican 1535 and can still securely hold your laptop, cables and midi controller. At the heart of this system is the iConnectivity PlayAudio1U switching interface and the Universal Audio Apollo Solo interface. With the PlayAudio1U's failover system, you can switch between two computers in real-time without any interruptions in music or MIDI playback. The Apollo Solo has 2 ins and outs so for example you could use it to run an Autotune channel for the singer/rapper and have another channel to spare for tuning a guest's vocal when that's needed.



The backpanel on the system provides you with 2 sets of in/thru/out connections that are wired to the Solo. The input goes to the solos line input and also splits sending the input directly to the "thru" connection, which is useful for sending a dry signal of the vocals to FOH. The outs are wired to the line outputs of the Solo.  


The back panel also has a power-con jack that is for powering the PlayAudio1U as well as the 100w Baseus PowerCombo Macbook/USB charger. The system comes with a 6ft Powercon cable.



This option adds a network switch connected to extra RTP Ethercon jacks on the backpanel. This allows you to take full advantage of the PlayAudio1U's 22 RTP ports. With this add-on you can have 4 RTP devices in different locations all connected with redundancy of midi sending. Or you can simply enhance your redundancy by having redundant network cables, run a second ethernet cable and have a backup connection to a single RTP device. With this add-on there are 4 Ethercon ports added to the backpanel and 5-port network switch inside the rack. 

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