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12 Output 1U panel for PlayAudio 12 Interfaces

12 Output 1U panel for PlayAudio 12 Interfaces

This panel is designed to get the most out of the PlayAudio 12 with XLR connections. In order to get channels 11 and 12,  the headphone jack of the PlayAudio 12 is converted to two unbalanced XLR connections.  The other 10 outputs on the back of the PlayAudio 12 are converted to balanced XLR connections.  The cable length for outputs 1-10 is 12".  The cable length for outputs 11-12 is 18" in order to reach to the front of the interface. It also has a right angle 1/4" jack so that it doesn't stick out of the front of the rack. The TRS jacks have the most minimal casing necessary, making them smaller and much lighter. The cables are made with super low profile Canare cable to make it easy to fit in any rack.

  • Add-Ons

    • Add a Powercon TRUE1 jack (this has been updated from the original Powercon jack) that converts to a 3 prong US power plug inside the rack. Also comes with 6ft Powercon cable with 3 prong US power.
    • Add an Ethercon jack to connect to the PA12 RTP Midi port. The jack is a basic pass through and comes with a 1.5ft ethernet cable for inside the rack.
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