• Henry Strange

How Coronavirus has affected our Business

Coronavirus has severely affected our business in every which way. As you know we are performance focused technology company so with every tour canceled we are practically losing all of our work. We have a pile of playback systems sitting in our office waiting for the tours it belongs to. We also have new products that were in the pipeline now also now delayed. It is pretty depressing, but we are keeping our heads up. We have devoted our time into another lock down inspired company called On Now is a web platform that aggregates and curates livestreams from all of the different livestream hosting platforms and gives the viewer an easy way to navigate, to save and to get reminded of when their favorite streams are going on. It's like Setlist for Livestreams! :) So we are not twiddling our thumbs waiting for Government bailouts, we are moving forward with new products as this is what we know how to do. So don't worry, when the time comes when we can start hitting the road again you know we'll be there for you. In the meantime go and list your livestream on and buy and use the Strange Electronic Lightstorm module on your eurorack synth and make some sick livestream content. Stay in touch!

Henry Strange

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