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The Lightstorm Module brings creative lighting into a synthesizer workflow.

This module goes beyond audio-reactive effects. With any control voltage you can shape you own lighting show and interact with it live. Use the Lightstorm to add a visual element to your live show that is completely in sync with your patch. You can also use it to create ambiance around your Eurorack and light up a room. This package contains the Lighstorm module, LED bar and everything you need to power them both.


Control your LED creations

The Lightstorm can be the perfect companion to your next DIY LED project. You can customize the lights you use or even modify the software with Arduino! 

Post_Cards_4x6 FRONT Flatten (Synth Expo

Light up your show

The Lightstorm enables you to have a light show thats synced up with your music coming from your instrument. This keeps the focus on the music and you. Modify your performance rig with the light bar that comes with the module.


Package Details


  • 10hp width

  • 40mm depth

  • 16pin ribbon cable

  • 20mA +12v, 0mA -12v, 60mA +5v

Light Bar:

  • 21 inches (aprox 104hp)

  • 72 WS2812 addressable LEDs

  • 5v 5a power supply (for powering the light bar)

Lightstorm Module straight on.png
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