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The world’s first Eurorack light synthesizer.


The Lightstorm Eurorack Case integrates voltage-controlled LED lighting made possible by the Lightstorm Module, bringing creative lighting into the synthesizer workflow. The module goes beyond audio-reactive effects. Now any control voltage - LFOs, envelopes, sequencers - can control full-spectrum LED lighting.

The Lightstorm Module aims to bring simple and comprehensive control of LED lights. The module has a port for LED output on both the front and the back that fits the standard LED 3-pin connector. The lighting controls consist of six parameters: pattern, speed, color, saturation, brightness and trigger.

The Lightstorm Module comes with an LED strip that has 72 addressable LEDs inside a metal casing with semi transparent plastic that diffuses the light of the LEDs. It's simplistic design makes it easy to incorporate in a live show or in a studio.

The Lightstorm Eurorack Case is an 84hp 6U case made out of frosted acrylic with built in LED lights. The case has an Intellijel TPS30 power supply for the modules and a separate power supply for the LEDs so that they can’t add any noise to power for the modules. The case is design for live performance. When performing with the case lying flat, the ergonomic angle allows the audience to see the performer work the modules while playing comfortably.

If you would like to purchase the Lightstorm Module or case, you can do so here.


Lightstorm Logo idea no extra [yellow].p
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