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  • How do I activate the Setlist Plug In?
    Setlist is a Max for Live application. You simply have to drag the file into a channel in Ableton Live. You must have Ableton Live Suite or Max for Live installed into your computer before using Setlist. We recommend that you drag it into the master channel although any channel, audio or midi, could be used for the plug in.
  • Can the Setlist plug in be used for all DAW Software?
    No, Setlist is made in Max for Live specifically to be used in Ableton Live Suite or Ableton Live Standard with the Max for Live installed.
  • What is the difference between the Full list and the Setlist?
    The Full list is a list of all comprised markers in your Ableton arrangement. The full list rearranges your markers into alphabetical order for easy reference. You can play any marker instantly by double clicking in the full list or by hitting the play button. Setlist is a list of collected markers from the full list prepared for your show. Setlist has features such as "Auto Select Next Song" which will cue the next song automatically all with one button!
  • How does Setlist work with Ableton Live?
    Setlist is a Max for Live application. It is designed to work only with Ableton Live Suite or Live standard but with Max for Live installed. It is an arrangement locator organzier and replaces Ableton's playback transport. This gives the end use a more "show friendly" interface with big bold text and interface so the key elements are visible at a glance.
  • Does Setlist work with Session view or Arrangement View?
    Setlist only works with arrangement view. Although Session view is good for Dj style live performances, most touring artists need the DAW perspective of arrangement view. Setlist organizes the arrangement view markers and replaces the stock transport so now you can cue songs before triggering them.
  • How come the tempo of my song doesn't show in the top box?
    The tempo that appears there simply reflects the tempo in your Ableton session. The proper way to input your songs in the arrangement page requires that you tempo map all of the songs.
  • How do I use the song info box?
    When labeling the marker in arrangement page, label it as follows. Song Title / minutes:seconds / key Example: Hello World / 3:30 / Dm
  • What are the different features inside Setlist?
    There are several color themes to choose from as well as viewing and arrangement options for the Setlist application. You can even Export a TXT File of your setlist which includes each song in your current setlist, the time of each song and a the total time of the show.
  • Where can I find video tutorials on Strange Electronic products?
    Right here!

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