Already proven on world tours with Kanye, The Weeknd, Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, and so many more!

This system is built for tours that require mobility without compromising music cueing and transport control. Perfect for tours, fly dates, festivals, etc. This system with all of the cabling and controllers in the case weighs below 50lbs saving thousands of dollars in overweight fees in one tour.


This system is built around the new MOTU Ultralite Mk4 interface which is significantly upgraded from the Mk3 has super low latency, improved dynamic range, and an amazing sound in a tiny package!


The custom designed rack is built with a special ultralight rigid plastic instead of wood, so it is tour strong without being heavy.  It is layered with velcro compatible fabric so you can secure anything onto the case on a bass heavy stage.  The carefully selected yellow Stormcase is lighter then the standard Pelican and offers better latches and can handle any baggage handler at LAX.  The inside is custom foamed specifically for the custom rack yielding a system that you know will survive a world tour.  

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